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But, I Don't Feel Like a Non-Essential.

What just happened here? I know that everyone else are wondering the same. If the old Twilight Zone movies were based on true events, this would be the reality of them.

At first, the news of shutdowns and quarantine made us all a bit more understanding, resilient, and willing to do the right thing for our nation and planet. As weeks continued into March and then April, tensions were, and are, being pulled taunt. I went through the motions with clients and venues to reschedule our Spring weddings later into the season then, Spring Easter sessions were cancelled and never rescheduled. Our new spring set up did include live bunnies that will wait to make their debut next year. My heart sank when plans for The RAW Artist Showcase in Cincinnati came to a standstill. It will take place however, the date is still unknown. I was so looking forward to showcasing our portraits in the city. I'm heartbroken for us all, and without sounding too selfish, I'm especially saddened at what is happening to our industry of 'celebration'. As a wedding and Event photographer, I rely on folks celebrating, gathering, and traveling to destination locations. Our industry is in the business of laughter, music and celebratory toasting of glasses held high. We count on our partnerships with beautiful venues, videographers, DJs, musicians, florists, bakeries, caterers, hairstylist, makeup artists, bridal and tuxedo shops, jewelers, hotel, car and other rental services. All of these respectable businesses are now labeled with a very negative term of 'non-essential'. Most of them are small businesses or self-employed services (such is mine). We really need to get back into churches, barns and vineyards. We need to fill hotel suites and dance floors. We need people to gather, travel and celebrate again, and quick. In the meantime, we will pray. We will keep our hopes up. We will prepare for the great awakening. And to whomever my first bridal party may be, get ready to CELEBRATE! And when we meet, I will document every moment of your special day. Because, it will be a special day for us as well. I may be non-essential now but, the day is coming when I'm about to become very much 'essential'. God bless us.

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