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Let this be The Year!

It is a going to be a Great Year for #EveningBeePhotography ! I know this because, at this very moment, I am taking a quick break from packing my gear, to tell everyone that we are about to embark on our first wedding of the year. In January!! In Beautiful Gatlinburg Tennessee!! Erin and I are very blessed to be able to take our love for outdoor adventures and our specialized wedding experience to more destinations this year. I would like for potential wedding couples to know that we willingly travel to remote locations and enjoy a challenge. Stay tuned to my #weddingblog as I will be adding new entries of our #fearlessphotographer antics as a #weddingphotographer #onlocation to our next #destinationwedding . Looking for #weddinggoals or your #weddinginspiration ? Be sure to follow #eveningbeephotography because this #kentuckyphotographer / #ohiophotographer is hitting the highway for our next #weddingadventures !

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