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We Are A RAW Artist!!

Check it out! Fantastic things are happening for us this month! We have been invited to be a featured artist at a very unique event in Cincinnati on March 25th . The independent arts organization know as RAW Natural Born Artists, is an international community made up of creative artists all across the globe. Evening Bee Photography will be included in their showcase coming in just a few weeks. It looks like our hard work and determination is being noticed and Erin and I are feeling very blessed and honored to be a part of this art community. I will be displaying several of our favorite photographs and it may come as a surprise to some that out of the 20 selected works, only 2 are from our weddings. Those who have known me before I started shooting weddings, know that I was a nature photographer. It has been several years since I have had the opportunity to showcase my artistic photos of landscapes, sunsets, flowers, insects and many other subjects that were captured while on kayaking, hiking and camping adventures. I have also been currently working on artistic portraiture in studio. I love to play with lighting, backdrops and props to create a photograph that tells a story. It is going to be great to showcase my creative artistic photographs. I hope that you will come out to Bogarts for a great party of music, fashion, art and photography. Tickets are selling fast. Follow the link for tickets purchased to sponsor Evening Bee.

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